Adjustable Dumbbells-Affordable & Space Efficient for the Home Gym

Whether you’re looking to maintain your current physique, lose weight or gain some muscle, adjustable dumbbells have a lot to offer. For those new to weights or the seasoned vet, these space-efficient and customizable dumbbells deserve a spot in your home gym.

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How is Weight Training Good for Your Health?

best adjustable dumbbellsAlso known as ‘resistance training’, lifting weights is well-known for bringing a number of great benefits. For one, lifting weights helps with weight loss. Performing any exercise where you are pushing against a significant resistance requires calories for energy. Anyone in the fitness or medical field will tell you, resistance training is one of the fastest ways to lose weight and get in shape.

As you begin to build strength over several weeks of training your muscles will begin to require more calories to perform. This will require a greater caloric intake or will pull energy from the stored reserves (your fat cells), so your muscles can perform the exercise. Although this is a simplified version of how it actually works, resistance training is one of the best ways to speed up your metabolism and burn fat.

Additionally, lifting weights isn’t reserved for just one demographic of people either. Everyone can benefit from it. Resistance training has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, and even prevent osteoporosis[1]. The majority of people who begin resistance training often cite an improvement in their focus at work or school, less anxiety[2], and an overall greater feeling of well-being[3].

Naturally, the effects and results will vary from person to person. However, there are going to be very few, if any, people that will claim resistance training has had a negative impact on their health.

So how do you get started?

One of the best options that offer a variety of exercises and allows you to train in the privacy of your own home is a set of adjustable dumbbells.

Adjustable Dumbbells vs. Traditional Dumbbells

best adjustable dumbbells       Space Efficient

For someone relatively new to weight training, the question that often comes up is, “Why would I need so many different dumbbells and weights?” The answer is simple, “You need various levels of resistance for different exercises.” Not all muscle groups are the same, and smaller ones typically need smaller weights, while larger ones can push heavier weights.

For someone who is working out at home, it’s not always practical to have your walls lined with pairs of dumbbells ranging from 5 to 100 pounds. In increments of 5 pounds, this would require two full stands, holding 20 pairs of dumbbells! Not very practical for someone working out in the living room or basement.

bowflex selecttech 552 adjustable dumbbells

This is where adjustable dumbbells take the cake. For example, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells, offer the user resistance from a modest 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds in 2.5 and 5-pound increments. This turns an entire rack of 30 dumbbells into just 2.

best adjustable dumbbellsFor most people, dumbbells up to 52.5 pounds will do the job. If you’re in need of more weight, you may want to look into purchasing the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 or purchasing individual dumbbells that fit your strength level.

Cost Effective

Unfortunately staying fit or getting in shape isn’t always cheap! The cost of traditional dumbbells adds up quick considering you’re usually paying about a $1/pound for an individual weight. This usually isn’t a big deal when you’re starting out, but once you need more resistance, having to spend money can be a motivation killer.

Let’s look at it from a cost side. The cost of purchasing 10 pairs of traditional dumbbells from 5 to 50 pounds will be in the range of $550.00 before shipping! Compare this to the Bowflex set first mentioned in the article and you’re looking at a price that is over $300 cheaper with shipping included.

While traditional dumbbells have their benefits, they rarely outweigh the initial costs associated with them. Adjustable dumbbells are simply a more practical option for home and personal use.

Easily Transportable

If you live in an apartment or frequently move, having a set of adjustable dumbbells is a lifesaver when it comes to moving! Not much has to be said here, but which would you rather move up or down a flight of stairs, 2 dumbbells or 15?

bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable DumbbellHow do Adjustable Dumbbells Work?

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend following one of the links below to read one of our in-depth reviews that includes pictures of several adjustable dumbbell sets. As you’ll see with most models, they appear similar to a traditional dumbbell, but instead have plates on the end, rather than being solid.

Each of these individual plates holds a specific weight increment that matches the other side. When you adjust the selector on the dumbbell, there is a locking mechanism that either enables or disables a specific plate to be lifted. The result is a wide selection of weight combinations in a compact space!

What are the Best Adjustable Dumbbells?

Each set of dumbbells on this site has their own pros and cons, and “the best” will be different from person to person. However, through our testing, we have found the PowerBlock Elite series of adjustable dumbbells to be the best overall.

best adjustable dumbbellsSimply said, the dumbbells have a solid design and can take years of abuse. The PowerBlock series is made in the USA, includes a 10-year warranty and also has the ability to be upgraded to larger resistances with the expansion kits offered.

Check out the full review here: PowerBlock Elite Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Additional Reviews

While the PowerBlock Elites came in as our favorites, you may want to read some of our other reviews regarding the Bowflex Series and Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells. While these had a few more cons than the PowerBlocks, they’re still great products and worth looking into.

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